GoFundMe: Home for 35 Malawi, Africa orphans

We live in Ocala, FL and have a dear friend and volunteer in Malawi, Africa, Pastor Joseph Wyson that we work with, trust and support. He is working hard to personally help 35 newly orphaned children in his community whose parents were recent victims of Malaria. We’re sure you can imagine what could happen to these struggling, vulnerable children, as young as 3 years old who were forced to totally fend for themselves day and night.

We have been able to help by first filling immediate needs … food, medications, bowls, cups, shoes, blankets, some school supplies. He is doing an amazing job getting this organized with practically nothing available. He has recruited local women to cook the one meal a day, 2 local men to teach reading, math, music, Bible lessons, soccer and other games. Although they are struggling in their own lives they gladly volunteer their time day after day to help. All this takes place at Pastor Joseph’s church. The church itself is very poor financially and Pastor Joseph does not receive any salary.

Unfortunately, because of Malawi regulations the children can be fed, taught and supervised at the church during the day, but they have to leave at night. Pastor Joseph has to rely on people in the village to take in maybe one or two children each for the night just so they have some safety while they sleep.

This situation needs to be self-sustaining. We have helped them get started raising healthy chickens (100 so far) for food, teaching sewing to repair clothes and soap making for washing and sale. The children are finally safe, being taught and encouraged. A sense of family has developed among everyone involved but they don’t want to rely on handouts forever and, like everyone, they need a little help to get established.

The owner of a plot of land with a building on it has just told Joseph that he will sell it to him to use for the orphans. Believe us, the location is perfect! We’re excited because the last thing these children need is another huge move and disruption to their lives. We need to be able to act on this opportunity to purchase this plot of land as soon as possible, but it takes $5,000.

We hope you can find it in your heart to help and please share this with people you know. If we all join together I know this plot of land can become home for these children. Thank you so much. Linda and Bill Rescorl, Ocala, FL

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/home-for-35-malawi-africa-orphans