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On October 26th, 2017 my husband and father of two was assaulted at work in a senseless attack causing bodily harm by a co-worker.
I received a text message from a police officer at 4:25 after picking up my children from school saying “come to emerge, pls come quick” from my husbands cell phone. I knew something was terribly wrong. As I arrived at the hospital I was immediately brought to my husband. No one could have prepared me for what I was about to see. The left side of my husbands face was completely swollen and had blood coming from his mouth. His head was bleeding, he was hooked up to Oxygen and all he could say was “I’m in pain and I can’t breathe … My legs. He went for a cat scan and X-rays immediately, the doctor had told me that his spine was broken ( the T9 vertebrae ) was completely smashed , along with a broken breast bone , five broken ribs , one rib went through his lung and punctured it causing fluid in his lungs along with internal bleeding, as a result bacteria formed and caused anomia. He lost his ability to urinate for over a week due to where the fracture in his spine was located. He was on 85% percent oxygen and was in ICU and Critical care for 12 days. He was on the machine one step down from life support. Our lives have forever changed. My husband works construction and works hard everyday to provide for his family. Your probably wondering how these extensive injuries occurred. A co-worker ( who is now on the run ) hit him from the side , threw him off of the roof they were repairing and then continued to kick him multiple times when he was on the ground. After this senseless assault the man then went to his car and drove away. He is now on the run and is being charged with Assault Causing Bodily harm to the second or third degree. The picture that I posted was his “first step” standing up after lying in a bed for 12 days. The brace that he is wearing under his sweater cost us $988.00 his last paycheque for a minimum of six months. Spinal surgery is not off the table at this point. I desperately need to purchase a mattress that would be comfortable for his back rather than having him sleep on our old futon. What used to be an energetic, hardworking and loving family man is now in horrific pain and is in a wheel chair. He is under going rehabilitation and now has a walker and a cane for mobility. We are now using our savings to live day by day which isn’t a lot but we almost had half our money required for a downpayment for our own home. With Christmas around the corner and two amazing daughters our stress level is quite high. You would never think that going to work to make a paycheque would result in a life changing event. I am thankful everyday that he is alive. Thank you for taking the time to read our family story.