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Hello, we are Dean and Dorian Dabney and we are trying to attend the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Track & Field Junior Olympics to represent the Potomac Valley Region.

It has been a long season, we have experienced a few setbacks due to our mother being ill and unable to work for over a year.

We would appreciate any and all help so, we can attend the AAU Junior Olympics in Detroit, MI.

The competition will be held July 30- Aug 5 2017 to give us the opportunity to compete against the top stars from across the country.

I “Dean” won the Long Jump 11-year-old Boys Division.

Currently, I am ranked among the top 25 in the nation for 11-year olds in the Long Jump and further qualified to run in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash races.

Attending the AAU Junior Olympics would help me further my dreams of becoming a highly ranked track and field star and future dreams of becoming a baseball player.

I “Dorian” qualified for the Shot Put and the Discus for the 15-16-year-old Boys Division.

The competition was steep, but I made it with some determination and hard work.

Attending the AAU Junior Olympics would help me further my dreams of being ranked amongst the top in the country and keep me focused for future competitions.

The requested $800 would help cover the following:

Rental Car for the week
Gas about 700 miles round trip
Lodging (for Dean, Dorian,Dad)
Food for 7 days
Thank You for your support.


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