Get the music festivals to the poor aswell.

Anonymous Event & Planing Agency from Romania comes to your aid that will provide full service events with dj’s,stand-up comedians(Romanian),live bands ,music producers and festival organising and a Raggae world tour. Booking & Information : +40720966961

This is our firs edition of Anonymous Sun & Moon Festival,we made this festival because of our love for music,our love for great fun troughout the youth,our love to music festivals,and our love for the people and artists. This festival is meant to be a festival in wich we promote young,new and allso older artists that are in the music domain ,we want to bring magnificent artists up on the ladder that they are strugling to climb. We want to bring this kind of festival to the unfurtunate towns that don’t have night life and where are not to many pubs with good music on the playlist. But we won’t stop here we want to bring this kind of festivals to the big cityes aswell where we can promote and support all the artists out there,we are doing what we love and we love what we are doing ! We allso need your help to bring these kind of festivals to the people that are in a zone not to enriched by arts and music so consider supporting us on patreon aswell !
We made our first festival with our own money for people who can not afford to go to a festival ,now we need your help to bring joy,happiness and freedom to more people !

Help us organise the next Music Festival for youth in the poor locations of Romania and not limited to Romania !

As soon as we have at least 5000$ we will make smaller festivals trough poor towns and cities in Romania and not limited to Romania. $ 5000 is the amount for a single festival.

Thank you guys for all the effort you are puting in to us and hope to see you at the next music festival and thank you in advance for every donation you make !