Fuzzy Factory – The Augmented Reality Healthcare Platform for everyone GoFundMe CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Fuzzy Factory – the augmented reality healthcare platform for everyone

We believe that access to health is the fundamental issue of this era and we think that many of these problems can be addressed by networking knowledge and value, in real time: that’s why we built Fuzzy Factory, the healthcare digital platform for everyone.. If you like this project, let’s stay in touch: https://fuzzyfactory.com/


Fuzzy Factory – the augmented reality healthcare platform for everyone

The world population progressive aging and the costs associated with it will put a strain on the budgets of entire countries and for million people it will be increasingly expensive to access treatment.

We can not think about it but we can not ignore it:

– for our community
– for our parents
– for our children

As we thought about this scenario, we imagined a platform where the patient could easily:

– choose a doctor
– book a visit
– be remotely visited and monitored by the medical specialist, wherever the doctor or the patient is, in the world

We can only imagine the enormous benefits:

– for the patient and his family
– for the clinician
– for a community

While we imagined these solutions and services we have seen an ecosystem taking shape to which we have given the name of Fuzzy Factory.

Fuzzy Factory, learning through reality, the augmented reality platform for health and biomedical professions.

Fuzzy Factory – funding goal

This campaign is focused on collecting € 10,000 to invest in the patient platform module (coding, server, cloud, user-interface)

If you like this project, let’s stay in touch..and share!!


We would like to reach our goal into the end of October in order to complete the Fuzzy Factory user interface.
Fuzzy Factory – the vision

Who will join this initiative will receive a Fuzzy Factory account to access its contents for free until the end of the year 🙂

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For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/fuzzyfactory