Fund my PhD GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

Diagnosed with aspergers looking to further my education and need help. I don’t qualify for any funding streams so I need to do this myself. Looking to further my research into supporting managers in how best to help their staff undergoing mental health in the workplace issues. Hi, the photo is me graduating last year with my MBA. That was the result of a year of hard work based on years of experience, research and life.

Fund my PhD GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

As an adult who received his diagnosis of aspergers late in life I struggled through education and social interaction and the impact this had on my own mental health. So I had to learn how best to manage my condition alongside “normal” day to day life.

Using my own life experience as a starting point my dissertation centred around mental health in the workplace with a focus on how managers can be better prepared to support those who work with them suffering from mental ill-health. In my own experience managers were always ill prepared and afraid of the concept of mental ill-health which was damaging to bothy them and those who sough help.

As a result of my research I also qualified to deliver NHS approved Mental Health Awareness sessions to business managers and have delivered this to over 200 managers who have direct line responsibility for staff.

This is life changing for people who are suffering mental ill-health as it removes the stigma of mental ill-health whilst developing a managers skills in dealing with it in a professional and human way.

However I don’t get paid for this work. I do it within my own organisation who were also unable to provide any funding for my MBA.

So this campaign is to help me move forward with my studies. In particular my next stage is to undertake my Phd. But again I have no funding for this and I still have the outstanding amount from my MBA.

Therefore, first things first. I am looking to raise the funds to pay off my current MBA which I financed myself and then I will move on to further my research on mental health in the workplace and look to complete my Phd from there. So any support is welcome. I can stand in front of rooms of people and explain how important this matter is, I can coach, encourage and develop those around me but, as it stands at the moment, I can’t continue to develop myself without this.

Thank you and know that your donation will go towards changing someone’s life!