Eyes open and we are ready GoFundME Viral Exposure

So after 25 years in Corporate America getting kicked around and lied to for years 1 day I found out what heartless people I have been working for.

I was on my way to work and got hit by a person running a red light they were traveling 80 mph needless to say that changed my life they had little to no insurance and I was not covered right to help with underinsured people because we were mislead on coverage in this new state we moved to , so needless to say it has taken almost everything we owned and tons of doctor bills later we have been put in dire straights so after the dust settled.

I lost my job because of performance reasons that were out of my control so I am asking you folks to help us out and help fund our dream of a antique rehab business we have the skills just need the backers so we can support us by not supporting Corporate business like the people that fired me we are moving forward it’s going to be hard work and we are ready to get started please help get us us back on our feet and bring a dream to reality thank you so much !