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Palm Top Enterprises Pvt Limited was started in June 2014 and thereafter software development for own products was started. We have since developed 8-9 products as modules and have operationalized and validated. Initial funding has been done by self and bootstrapped. Accordingly, we have diluted some amount and have commitments for the further amount. Visualize inefficiency in buying and selling, wastage in a family, Corporate: Guards, field force, shopfloor, dealer, and supply chain accounts for 65% of inefficiency. End to End Solutions takes care of each. Dealer Management system can handle GST and can handle 6 transactions and 4 payment scenarios. It has exchange and matching of orders and prices. Business Analytics, MIS, and Algorithm based best delivery agency finder. one can create one’s delivery agency and manage one’s existing delivery Agency, Track and handle technical and outsourced complaints of gadgets. Attendance, reimbursement and visit plan with feedback. We have auditors and legal team for proper audit and accounts and we are compliance oriented. Our Board/ Mentors / Existing investors are from IIT-B, KGP, 20-year-Old Software Company, Best CIO of India, Best and Sr CFO, an NRI. We are also looking to give a stake to Value Champions as Practice and Business CEO for running the Divisions. As there are more than 10 business segments that can be created and built. Be your own boss and run the show! Invest, Get the Company, Product, Board, Mentors, Freedom and Dreams!
Participation as a stakeholder in the valuation of the company. The company is valued at 6mUSD to 80mUSD range bound. Raising at the starting valuation. Plan of 2bUSD in 10years.Raising at the starting valuation. Investment can multiply by 10-20 times in 5-10 years.CoFounder and Business Head option for 100000 USD investor and Country Franchise as a reseller with separate reseller agreement after investment. Sell products in your country, Area
Own Company, Product, Dream