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As much as I’m always trying to be independent, I realize that it is in my best interest to start funding for my medical expenses.

You see, I currently obtain an artificial heart, and have augmentations in my bone structure from my shoulders to my hips, including rib cage.

This comes from an apparent illness that I had as a child that was undiagnosed up until I was about 13. My heart, on the the other hand, was literally deteriorating from a hole in the back of it.

Unfortunately, I need two more operations on my rib cage and my heart needs and adjustment. The docs said I could wait to make a decision, but I’d only have a week to decide… because it would cost over $10,000, and our insurance won’t cover it anymore…

The situation has added to my already complex anxiety and depression, and my grappling with the idea of being buried before my parents. After much consideration,

I launched a GoFundMe page in the hopes to raise some of the funding. I also didn’t tell my parents in the hopes that I could surprise them after everything they’ve done for me.