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This is a fundraiser for emergency funds for a place to live.

Who we are:
I’m Robin and I’m trying to raise money with my boyfriend to use towards our first rental here in Montana where we’ve just moved.

We appreciate the time you are taking to read our story:

We left our former home and traveled by bus (bringing only some bags of luggage) to our current location in Montana with the hopes of starting out our new life. We came here because of the vast amount of opportunities for jobs and our art. We’ve stayed in rooms for rent by the night and a temporary sublet for a month and a half. We’ve placed applications for some apartments we thought we’d have a good chance at being approved for, but it’s been more difficult than we originally thought. We know that we will manage to move forward in our plans once we get settled in a place to live here, but until then we have just about run out of all other options.

Our current stay at our sublet is going to be ending more abrubtly than we realized: the owners are moving back for school earlier than they originally thought they would be and we have to leave here before August 22nd. Unfortunately, we’ve also expired all of our funds for anything else (save for a few dollars for groceries to live on.) We are trying our best to stay afloat, but at this point we ask for a little support from anyone who can help.

We have an apartment rental in mind, and it is available at the moment, but it will require a first and last month’s rent amount before move-in date.

If you decide you’d like to help us or support us in some way, I can’t describe to you how much we will appreciate it.

If you decide you would like to donate for our cause, we will send you free stuff in the mail!

For $20, you’ll get a free handmade bracelet made by me!
For $30, you’ll get a free handmade bracelet and necklace set made by me!
For $40, you’ll get free original art made by my boyfriend, plus a handmade bracelet and necklace set made by me!