Ella All-In-One Trekking Pole

The Ella team is stoked to introduce a brand new trekking innovation: an all-in-one pole design conceived to suit the needs of outdoors enthusiasts.
Whether you are a seasoned trekking veteran or occasional fan, you will certainly enjoy the amazing features of this top-of-the-line product.

Ella All-in-one Trekking pole provides an extensive variety of useful tools and for trekkers and hikers. The product has been built with strong carbon fiber to enhance its durability and versatility. It is water-proof and it features a built-in locking mechanism to secure it for every application.

Get creative and discover the many ways you can use this trekking pole! It can become a cool selfie stick, or it can be used to make phone calls or play back audio, thanks to the featured Bluetooth speaker. It can also serve as a portable power bank to charge your devices on the go!