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Rouse: You will never need another alarm clock Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Rouse is here to change that.

Over 57% of Americans begin their day with the snooze button. Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? With our patented technology Rouse makes it easy to get up and get your day started. Simply set the alarm on our free app and place the Rouse remote device across the room or in an area you get ready in the morning. Once the alarm sounds, you must get out of bed in order to deactivate the alarm. Congratulations! You are now up and ready to start your day. Its that easy.



Hi my name is Kyle and I created Rouse. I was tired of feeling motivated right before bed only to have that motivation disappear as soon as my alarm went off in the morning. Rouse is more than just an alarm clock. For me, Rouse allows me to push back that morning dread and get started with my productive day.

I first came up with the idea for Rouse after two months of going to the gym at 5 a.m. I realized how much more productive my days were when I woke up early and started my day. However, this streak quickly ended when my motivation dwindled and I soon began hitting that dreaded snooze button. I needed a solution and I needed one fast.

Rouse works by getting you up immediately after your alarm goes off. Once you are up and out of your bed you are way less likely to get back into it. We often only feel tired for a few minutes after waking. Did you know snoozing actually makes you more tired? That is why Rouse doesn’t come with a snooze button. If this idea scares you, try it for yourself!

By creating Rouse I aimed to not only help people wake up feeling refreshed but help establish a generation of highly motivated individuals. It is no secret that many of our most successful CEO’s, celebrities, and icons wake up at the crack of dawn. Now you can too.

With your contributions you can help establish a generation of the motivated. Manufacturing can be expensive and right now we do not have sufficient funds to mass produce our product. We need your help.

What We Need

Right now we need capital to get the manufacturing process going. Startups are challenging and that is why I’m reaching out to all of you for help. We are looking to raise $20,000 which will help cover the cost of designing our app and mass producing the Rouse remote device.

The Impact

As mentioned above, Rouse is more than just an alarm clock. Rouse gives you back control to lead a motivational and empowering life. Rouse has the power to inspire a generation and allow us to get up and go, together.

Risks & Challenges

Startups are tricky business. One wrong move and your business can be closed in the blink of an eye. While our product is simple to use, it is another thing entirely to manufacture and mass produce. There will be many challenges from this respect along the way, but we look to improve each day.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to help financially, we understand. However there are other ways you can help:

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