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Disabled Veteran!!!!God Bless

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Kerri Ginn Jeffords


Let me first say my husband and I are both veterans of the Air Force. My husband pictured here is 39 years old and after 2 back surgeries has been disabled since 2009. He can’t walk without a walker. Severe back,knee, hip and neck pain and for years he can’t even sleep in bed. He is in pain every day. We met and married in the Air Force over 19 years ago. Even with his disability I love him more today than the day we married. But I will be honest, daily life is a struggle…
Our daughter is getting ready for college and we are trying to raise money not only to help with his medical bills but for her college. She is an honor roll student that practically lives at church. She is in honor society and Beta Club.
We just need help please. We struggle every month to make ends meet. If you are willing to donate, trust me the money would go to a great cause.I pray every night being the only one in the house that works and drives. Just please consider helping with whatever you can. We will lose her portion of his disability when she turns 18 in just a couple of months which is over 650.00. He is in such bad shape he can hardly walk, and I find myself having to take time off work some unpaid because he has fallen several times in the last couple of months. I have nobody to turn to for help. I find myself so stressed i just want to cry. I have lived this way since his first surgery in 2004. We need at least 15,000.00 for her freshman year and to pay off some overdue medical bills.
Please answer my prayers and God
bless. Please share this link with anyone youknow that may be able or
willing to help out. . Thank you so very much, Kerri Ginn Jeffords.