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This is the best version of my story I have been able to write. I am looking to erase debt, and add more microphones and stands. My studio is operational, though I still have to move slow. My Studio Druids Korner Studio

For 15 years I have been sitting in a chair, literally. For nine of those years I have been a foster parent for at risk and troubled teens, you can mentor from a chair. What got me out of my chair was a project for my wife and “son”. (my son Matt has been with us for over a decade, he is our second son, we have one birth son.) I purchased a ZOOM H4n to record song ideas from my wives music and sons poetry. Part of the software package that came with the unit was Cubase and Wavelab LE. I was intrigued. I had not worked much on a computer for most of those 15 years, I decided to dig deeper.

First off, I discovered what a mess my computers were in, and what a mess my internet connection was. So for a month, I relearned what I had forgotten, and progressed onward. I learned I could use the H4n as an input, but it was limited to two channels. I discovered another problem, I could not use a studio from my workstation, too my studio. That led me to Audinate.

I do not remember what exactly I searched for to find Audinate, but music network recording is not one of them. There are so many search references that do not lead to Dante or Audinate, but I found you. I started learning about musical networking, and having been a network engineer in both computer and machine programming I was intrigued. (Add on to that being a Sound engineer for 17 years) I was disabled, and could not walk much, but with separate locations I could run the whole system. I had contacted an engineer at Steinberg because of Cubase LE and talked (literally) with him about remote recording networking. He told me it was not possible. So I worked, and I experimented, and trouble shooted until it worked.

I did not contact you until the problems with Windows 10. I have been a beta tester for Microsoft, and many other products since 1985.

Dante was working fine and everything was groovy until a string of updates called the Microsoft Windows 10 Developers Edition. And nothing worked. Needless to say, I was pissed. I had risen from a chair to make this work and it no longer worked.

During the four months before I was risen, I learned more about ASIO and VST. I looked for a month, but I did not pirate. I had a hacker ID years ago I left on a CD disk I have somewhere. I have always believed in paying the worth of a software. I then learned about USB and how it had changed since I was involved. I laid out a basic studio in my head, and all the patch cords, and I was only off by three cables. But I still only had two inputs, and I could do better than that with the four track reel to reel machines I had in my earlier studios before VHS
8 track. I added a Behringer 8 track board, but it was still only 2 tracks. I wanted a product I could go out and do live shows with, with a minimal hardware signature. That lead me to the TF series of boards.

Now you know where I am at. If I seems a bit out, I am. I am sorry if I appear a bit out there, but I love your software. So far I have helped three other companies with Windows 10 issues. They are all solved now. That is what beta testing is all about. Hope this makes sense. I was dieting for 15 years, but now I am alive.


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