Disabled Global Challenge – GoFundME Campaign

I’m the Founder of Disabled Global Challenge, and the aim of the organization is to promote disabled people with physical or mental health issues. I myself suffer from a plethora of issues but namely an industrial injury to my leg, degenerative spine, Dyupratens in my hands and feet, Fibromyalgia, COPD, Depression, and PTSD. so I totally understand what its like to go from able-bodied to being a wheelchair user and understand first hand how difficult it is on a day to day bases.

To help with the launch of Disabled Global challenge and highlight the problems on a global scale to campaign for better-disabled rights and access for all, I have set myself the mammoth task to be the first disabled female to sail single-handed around the world over 45,0000 miles in total.

So I need your help! the total project cost is estimated at £2.5 million to cover the vessel and the operating costs, airfares and accommodation for the support crews and campaigners in the 26 Ports I will stop at on route a total of some 24 countries in around 14/16 months. I also intend to collect data for use by universities and schools on the route of seawater temperature, marine noise pollution and plastic pollution so that they can get a better understanding of the current state of our oceans. to find out more about my project and the places I will be visiting follow me on social media and the

Web Site www.disabledglobalchallenge.com