Dee’s Dog Sanctuary well/building GoFundME Campaign

Hi, My name is Audra DiDomenico and I am the owner of Dee’s Dog Sanctuary “Because Dee’s Dogs Need a Home”. I am 51 yrs old and I have three grown sons, 32, 24, and 19.

I am making it MY mission to live the REST of my life in my forever home with the dogs that need a second chance at life, with me if they have too. Right now there are so many animals that need foster care and a forever home in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Winnsboro, SC. I AM that person!!

I am more than prepared to give them the help they truly need. I just need your help with donations towards the well/septic that has to be dug and will be located in Winnsboro, SC and the animal sanctuary building that I am including with this correspondence.

My friend, Robert G. Chappell, DVM of Carolina Place Animal Hospital and a chairman of the York County Humane Society of York County, SC, has donated 2 acres to this cause that is located in Winnsboro, SC – Dr. Chappell will be my primary veterinarian.
31465632_1540748419232375_r.jpeg*********My property in Winnsboro, SC

My oldest son has been a veterinarian assistant for Dr. Chappell for 9 years and he sees the needs daily. I work full-time in Charlotte but when I have reached my goal for the well to be dug, land cleared and building erected, I will devote all my time to the fur-babies. My goal is to have everything up and running by February 2019. I would like to be up and running in January, the quicker the better.

I know of three bulldog needs right now,. I also will need help with dog food, bedding, medicine and any vet bills that will or could incur. I will be there for THEM 24/7. I have 3 grand-dogs that are spoiled rotten, Karma 9 (rescue), Mace 7 (two blue pit bulls, mother and son) and Yeti 2, rescue (American Bulldog/Pitt/Boxer). They have my heart. ❤ I have applied for my 501c3 but it could take a year for the process from start to finish. I have to pay $6,000 for a well to be put in but it will give the dogs full access to clean water and water to the building.

I have a person that will dig the well for me, clear the land and will put a fence up.

donations given now, I will pay the taxes myself. I will keep posting updates as I get started.

31465632_1540748526129872_r.jpeg*************That’s my son next to the power pole. Lol. Just on the other side is where the animal sanctuary will be located. It will cost about $1,000 to have the land cleared.

My goal also is to help place animals that will help with Wounded Warriors. Unconditional LOVE for both!

Thank you,
Audra DiDomenico
Dee’s Dog Sanctuary ~ “Because Dee’s Dogs Need a Home”.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Any checks can be mailed directly to me, 3214 Snelgrove Rd Richburg SC 29729 My property in Winnsboro, SC
audrad2526 @ gmail.ccom

It will be more personal than this picture. Office in the front and my tiny house will be located at the very back, attached to them for protection. Camera’s and 6-foot fencing will have to be purchased too. See I have a lot to do!!

Mace, Karma, and Yeti at my son’s house where I live right now until I can get everything up and running. It’s all for them!

THE SOONER THE BETTER!! Please help me, help them! Ty

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