Custom Motorcycle Shop GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

My name is Matt. I am about to retire from the Army after twenty years next June 2019. Less than a year and I can’t wait. I have a passion for riding motorcycles and want to start a custom motorcycle shop in my area because there isn’t one and there are a lot of riders where I live that I have talked to that would love to customize their motorcycle but do not want to have to send parts off or drive far distances to get the work done. I have looked at several custom bike shops and all charge pretty much the same and I want to offer the same services but at a more competitive price for the rider that doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend but wants that customized touched on the body work and paint.

I have 19+ years experience in body work—metal, fiberglass, advanced composites, painting, etc. I will be attending Universal Technical Institute next April 2019 to further my training and have several I-Car certifications after completion. I will be a one-man shop to start out with and this money will enable me to get started in my entrepreneurial endeavors. I already have a motorcycle that will be the center piece of my abilities for display once it is complete in October of 2018.

Any money raised will be invested in customizing bikes and networking person to person in order to build my future customer base and have a sound reputation in the customization world and eventually look to have my builds compete in competitions at bike rallies around the US and potentially other countries as well.

This money would also go to further training in the future as well to ensure I offer the best product I can to the customers I will have in the future.