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Young adults are growing up in small town USA. Matthew Carter, the central figure of the show, must deal with his parents’ faltering marriage while the stress of school and his conflicting thoughts on his burgeoning sexuality weigh him down – but when a new student, Cedric Jones, arrives in town, Matt begins to feel as though everything might be okay after all; that is, until a pivotal part of his past comes back into focus, and Matt learns that what happens in the past doesn’t always necessarily stay there. Meanwhile, his best friend Henry must deal with the abuse which is present in his family, all while tending to his own inner demons. Elsewhere, Alexander Rivera balances a relationship with mother-to-be, Leila, with an affair in erratic Anastasia, who is pushed over the edge when her feelings of no one needing her and sense of abandonment come to a head. In the end, it becomes clear that old grudges die hard, and Matt is going to face the consequences of his past.