Create Your Own Premium Watch – Guaranteed for Life

Handcrafted High Quality Minimalist Watches Without the Luxury Markup. 36 Options, 1 Honest Price, Lifetime Guarantee.

We realised that many of the “affordable luxury” brands in the market today tend to over-inflate their margins while prioritising style over substance. On the contrary, we strive to incorporate both style and substance in our watches and do away with an extortionate margin.

At VINSTON we aim to allow you to create your very own style of premium quality watches with high-end components without breaking the bank. It is our goal to produce quality sleek and minimalist timepieces that encompasses a sense of individuality suitable for any occasion. Having said that, we bring you 36 different variations with our 9 different faces and 4 leather band options. Besides, VINSTON watches are built to last a lifetime. Hence, grab your custom VINSTON watch with the peace of mind today, as we are offering lifetime guarantee for your purchase.