Christmas Gifts for My Family GoFundME

I’ve haven’t had the financial security to give gifts to my family for Christmas in many years. My name is Michael and I am homeless. My family has been paramount in helping me to cope with the difficulties and disappointments of not having a stable lifestyle.

Currently, I stay at a shelter in North Carolina which provides me with all the necessities I need to sustain myself. However, it is very difficult to build any sort of nest egg for times such as Christmas in which substantial sums of money is needed in order to give gifts & show my loved ones my appreciation.

All donations will be used to buy “real” Christmas gifts for my son, his sister, his mother, my mother, sisters, niece & nephew, and other immediate family members.

I believe in the inherent good of people. Your donations will mean so much not only to me, but to those who have helped to support me in my struggles.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and generosity. God bless you all.

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