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Hey! Chris and Eric here! We’re stoked to bring you to our new short film Car Stealers. The script is looking badass, our cast is incredible, and now its time to get the pedal to the metal.

A short film about a group of ethical Car Stealers. It’s Rushmore meets Gone In 60 Seconds from BuzzFeed, SuperDeluxe, and iO Alums.

We need your help. We have to get gear, props, permits, costumes, and a trained dog (woof woof). Check out all the fun stuff you can get for donating and read more about the project below!

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Rayna is a girl with a chip on her shoulder and a supernatural talent for picking locks. After running away from home she finds a flyer with little paper tabs: “CAR STEALERS GANG. Locksmith needed. Starts Immediately.” This flyer brings her to Zeke, the charismatic misfit who leads a ragtag group of ethical car thieves.

After Rayna passes her first test– stealing a bike– Zeke introduces her to the Car Stealers: Jill the explosives expert with a troubled past, Joe the mechanic, Dietrich Von Satchel the hacker, and Bob a real cool dog who likes to go fast and hates loud noises.

When Zeke was a kid, he was supposed to inherit his dad’s badass Honda Civic, but an evil repo man got to it first. Zeke implores the Car Stealers to steal back what rightfully belongs to him. Skeptically, the crew agrees to help their friend.

The plan goes off without a hitch. Until someone calls the cops… Want to know the rest? Help us make the movie!


Car Stealers is going to be reminiscent of fast-paced Car movies, such as Bullitt, Fast and the Furious, and Drive while taking cues from the highly stylized work of Kubrick, The Coen Brothers and Wes Anderson. The juxtaposition between these totally distinct styles will make for humorous-yet-exciting storytelling as we bounce back-and-forth between character driven scenes and exciting heist montages.

The characters and their actions are absurd, but the world is grounded. The costumes will be right out of the 80s/90s but the story will be set in the present. Every shot will be deliberate. We are not making a parody but a modern homage and reinterpretation of our favorite films.

Directed by Christopher Guerrero and starring Max Baumgarten, a duo who brought you all sorts of funny-ass shit on Buzzfeed.


Gabby is the lead on the popular web-series “SEXLESS” from Black and Sexy TV, where she plays a very bubbly, down to earth and recently bi-curious character “Farrah.” The series has gained a lot of attraction and recent write up in Variety: “BET Network cut a deal with digital network Black&Sexy TV to air three web series on the cable channel.” Season 2 can be viewed on Season 3 is in pre-production.

A few of Gabby’s recent projects include a reoccurring guest star roll on Jill Soloway’s new upcoming Amazon series “I Love Dick,” Starring Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn and Griffin Dunne. Gabby will also appear in the upcoming David Robert Mitchell (“It Follows”) A24 crime thriller noir, “Under the Silver Lake,” Starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough.

One of Gabby’s greatest accomplishments is becoming the first African American female professional snowboarder in history. She is also a self-taught ukulele player, singer/song writer, model and a decorated world traveler. She also comes from a prestigious musical background. Her father Tony Maiden is from the legendary 70’s funk band “Rufus and Chaka Khan,” as the lead guitarist, song writer, and vocalist.

Gabby currently resides in her hometown of Los Angeles, where she is represented by Framework Entertainment and Wrenn Management.

Max Baumgarten is a Los Angeles based performer and writer whose most recent work in the fields of comedic video, commercial, experimental theater and independent short film have gained notable press, international acclaim and record breaking online viewership. Max has performed and helped to create new experimental physical theater works in Berlin, Melbourne, Edinburgh, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with cutting edge companies including Four Larks Theatre, Wet The Hippo Collective, and Spiegelworld.

Nina Tarr is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor from Los Angeles. She produces and hosts her own monthly stand-up shows “Frowntown” and “Cool Butt” in LA. She recently wrapped shooting MTV’s new clip show HIGH CRIMES, produced by Marlon Wayans, which premieres in May 2017. Nina’s also written popular video shorts for Buzzfeed and has starred in videos for Super Deluxe, Buzzfeed, MTV, IHEARTCOMIX, and a number of other productions. She is an alumni from UCB Improv and Groundlings. Nina is a performer on the John Gilkey directed troupe, Wet the Hippo Collective’s monthly show “Deep Squeeze.”

Christopher Guerrero is a Latino Director/Writer/Producer from Fresno, CA currently based in Los Angeles. For the past 4 years he has been directing and creating content for BuzzFeed, Super Deluxe, Viacom, and Studio 71 where he is currently an Executive Producer. He has created over 200 hundred videos with billions of accumulated views, and helped create BuzzFeed’s biggest properties: “Tasty” and “The Try Guys.” He received his MFA in Film Production from USC’s Film School.

Eric T. Roth is an LA-based actor and writer whose work has appeared on Comedy Central, Buzzfeed, and EPIX. As a sketch comedian and improviser he has performed at UCB, Second City, TBS’s Just For Laughs New Voices and toured with Cards Against Humanity. His work has been called “winsome,” and “loosey-goosey” with an “insanely confident… swaggering sensibility.” He is from Chicago and trained in long form improv at iO Chicago.

For three years Rhys worked as a development executive at Muse Productions (American psycho, Virgin suicides, Buffalo 66) where he managed the development of two major motion pictures: Spring Breakers and London Fields. Rhys went on to independently write and produce multiple feature films with name actors such as Josh Duhamel, Malcolm McDowell, Corey Feldman, Denise Richards, Michael Parks and many more.

This is the first of a series of projects that Rhys has lined up to produce with Director Christopher Guerrero, and together they plan to entertain the shit out of you!!!

Alex Parker is a cinematographer and photographer based in Los Angeles. His work ranges from features and shorts to commercials and documentaries. He recently finished shooting his first feature, Young and Innocent, and wrapped the 3rd season of the webseries The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy. He has shot a variety of projects for CNN, The Guardian, Logo, MTV and BuzzFeed, among others, and many of his shorts have played at national and international film festivals. He received an MFA in film production from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Risks and challenges

We want to make sure this movie is made professionally. There are gonna be fireworks, car chases, and a trained dog. Everything will be done lawfully and safely. Fortunately, our extensive background in film making will prepare us for any unforeseen circumstances that might come our way.

The project, like so many others before it, is going to be constrained by three options and we can only pick two: “Fast, Good and Cheap.” $35,000 dollars is the MINIMUM amount of money that we need to make this film, so with that amount we will be constrained to Good and Cheap. Which means it is going to take a lot of time to finish this project.

“CAR STEALERS” is going to be a challenging film to make.

We are looking to have the film completed within a 12 month time-frame. We have many years of combined experience, and we are confident that we can tackle any challenge.

General cost breakdown:

15k Props and locations.
4k Crew
2k Food
10k Equipment, Camera and Lighting
4k Post Production (Digital Effects and Color Correction)

Once the Kickstarter goal of $35K is surpassed a new “stretch goal” will be set. Think more episodes or a feature length film!

THANK YOU for supporting “CAR STEALERS”…
With your help, we can make this crazy vision a reality!