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My wife and I are so incredibly grateful for our family. I have three step-daughters that mean the world to me, and a wife that is an amazing mother to them. We work really hard to make sure our girls have everything they could need or want, because they deserve that.

I married my wife knowing that she had a procedure about six years ago called Essure. This procedure is a permanent form of birth control which was offered at no charge through Medicaid. My wife was a single mother at the time, and desperate to create a better life for her daughters, so she chose to have this procedure done. Her doctor assured her that it was safe and effective. Essure consists of two nickel coils, which are placed directly inside the fallopian tubes. The FDA has labled Essure a Class III device and has issued many warnings in the last year because the coils have been known to migrate to other organs, and have caused severe reactions to many women around the world. My wife suffers from the terrible side-effects of Essure on a daily basis. There are only a select few doctors who have the knowledge and experience to reverse the Essure procedure, and they are located very far away from our home.

We found each other two years ago, and our lives fell right into place as a family. We share a wonderful home in a small town, and have plenty of room for our girls to play and grow. Now, we feel like we have it all, but I would love to father a child. Our daughters are our world, and one more child to love would be such an amazing blessing in all of our lives.

The cost of the reversal procedure is high, it alone is $7,500, which doesn’t include the flights or an overnight stay. The doctor with the highest success rate is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is very far away from our small town Missouri home.

Asking for help is hard to do, but I believe everyone needs help at some point in their lives, and this is that time for our family. We appreciate any help you can give, and promise to keep everyone updated, all the way until we are holding another sweet baby in our arms. Thank you so incredibly much, from my family to yours!

God bless you!
Zachary Bynun