building 1 well at a time (Liberia

Hi, I’m Sam, founder of Sam’s mission for Liberia. I was born and rasied in Liberia. Growingup as a child, i experienced many hardships especially during the 14 years civil war. In 2007, God made it possible for me to come to thus great country. I’m bless to be here and making use of every opportunity at hand. I started Sam’s mission for Liberia in 2016 to help those in need. In 2017, one of my clients at the gym got inspired by what i did and decided to help. We build the first handpump by the school and looking to build more for the community. On a monthly basis , we provide food, clothing and school supplies to those in need . I travel to different communities in the state of Pennsylvania and pick up donations. I’m currently raising funds to help build safe drinking water wells in Liberia. Kids walk over a mile away to fetch water. Having access to safe drinking water with help them grow better. 2,500 dollars can build 1 handpump. Please help with whatever you can and help save some of these kids and families in need. Thanks and God bless