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My Biological Mother, Brenda K. Arnett, unexpectedly passed away this morning 11/7/2017. I was at work when I got the call. I did not know my mother well as I was not raised by her, but I do know that she was a wonderful Mother to my Neice when my Sister was not able to take care of her any longer. When I arrived at her home I searched and found her Life Insurance, but sadly due to her being on disability she did not have the money to make a payment in time and it lapsed on the 3rd of November, that being said we are in dire straights in this situation and any help would be appreciated.

We are not asking for alot, we simply need enough to have her remains cremated, and enough to have her buried where she would have wanted to be, by family.
Anything helps, and would be appreciated.

If by some miracle we go over our goal for Cremation and Burial, I fully plan on donating what ever is left over to the Diabeties foundation, and the Mayo Clinic as she past we all beileve from complications of her Diabeties and COPD.