Blue collar and proud but now I’m getting desperate

Hi everyone got a situation here. Not known to ask for advice or even help but I have no choice. I’ve always gotten out of situations with prayer and simply getting off my butt and figuring out a way but right now I’m not seeing a way out of this. To make it short as I can I work at my local hospital and been there for a while now but I’ve been recently having to get surgery done for life or death problems I’ve been having and the insurance that I have doesn’t pay for everything, of course, you would figure working at a hospital that they would pay for your medical bills but anyway with a car that’s near dead and getting it fixed every time something goes wrong plus gas and putting food on the table and mounting loans it’s near impossible for me but I still managed until I received a letter that my check is being garnished and now It’s unbearable for me to survive. With bad credit and no one to help I’m at my wit’s end. Can someone out there help with advice or maybe even financial assistance I’ve tried everything. anyway thanks for anyone that’s even reading this till the end and hearing my story.