BidderX – Bid easy Bid luxury

Why to pay $999 for iPhone X when you can bid at an BidderX for $5 ???

The BidderX app lets you bid at beats increasing price for products just from $1 !!!

Spending $1 on Mobile phones, Tablets, Gadgets is like giving someone a pencil in exchange of bike. Is not it funny?

But BidderX app allows you to do so.
Its not like normal bidding where the person who bids the highest amount wins the auction but here is totally new concept. Where the auction is winned by the person who makes the maximum number of bids instead of making highest amnount of bid. Give me a chance to explain it more clearly –

But how it works??

Bids are bought inside app. A,B,C, are 3 bidders available.

A have 10 bids. B have 5 bids. C have 20 bids

When auction starts- Everyone bids 1 bid at last moment. Then time is increased then again everyone uses 1 bid like this the one who will survive till last wins. That means C which have max. Bids wins auction.

If there are 2 bidders left at last with 1 bids and both bid bid with their last bid then the bidder which bids at last second wins the auction.

So if you loved the new concept of online bidding then support me by giving some amount and become a reason for the revolution in the online marketplace.
Why to invest?

Many of you will think will it get success?

So answer for all this is Yes, we are raising money with a proper strategy to take out developing cost, promotion cost,launch cost, etc. We have planned and done market research about auction. And we found that through online auction various rivals have created around 1000s of dollars a day. So we can assume that BidderX with more amazing concept of bidding can defeat them.

We are also including promotion cost in the budget so we can Kickstart our app on the first day of launch. And all the investors can enjoy the services on the very first day.
Because various websites offer these services but you will rarely listen about an offering bidding. So be a part of latest online auction and and invest with your will.