B&G Smoothies: Feed The Future

We’re asking for your support in our effort to help educate youth about nutrition and provide healthy eating options to communities in need.
B&G Smoothies was created with the primary objective of providing a nutritious breakfast option to students living in communities with limited access to healthy food.

By providing all-natural, healthy breakfast smoothies designed by a certified nutritionist, we can help kids receive their vitamins, nutrients, and a fair chance at learning!

This summer, we launched our mobile smoothie operation licensed in the state of Florida with the purpose of spreading awareness, raising funds for our project, and bringing healthy options to food deserts in Miami.

We are asking for your support and seeking to raise a minimum of $1000 which will allow us to increase our mobility and outreach, to be distributed as follows:

$500 – Generator : Currently we are restricted to renting space at a farmers market, or a local business plaza. A Generator increases our mobility and allows us to pop-up anywhere, giving us better access to attack food deserts and reach everyone.

$100- Signage: Right now we have one large sign, but need a backdrop for our menu, as well as a few signs to make our mobile operation noticeable from a distance.

$150 – Sturdy Tent: Living in south Florida, either the sun is out, or the rain is… Sometimes both! A canopy will help attract customers, while also protecting us from the elements.

$150 – Ingredients and Supplies.

$100 – Taxes & Fees.

As you are reading this, we are LIVE and ON THE STREETS of Miami!

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Instagram: @smoothies4students