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Thank you for taking the time to read my story and plea for help for my Service Dog Batman. My name is Joseph Purpura, I am a 75-year-old disabled and retired veteran. I am on an extremely fixed budget from my disability pension from the VA.

With my very limited pension, I am still far below the poverty level and each month is already a hard struggle to keep my head afloat. Today I am fundraising not for myself, but for my absolute best and only friend in the world, my Service Dog Batman. He has served me faithfully over the years and now it’s my turn to serve him in his time of need!

Batman desperately needs $5,000 for a crucial surgery to save his life and to end his constant suffering. Euthanizing him is not an option as I need him as much as he needs me. I know in my heart if the tables were turned he wouldn’t Euthanize me. I am wheelchair bound and cannot drive.

Batman is more than just a Service Dog that helps me get through each and every single day, he is my other half and like I mentioned above he is my best friend. Anyone would do anything to save their best friend and that is what I am trying to do.

Batman has been diagnosed with a rare disease to which there is no cure for. Due to the disease, he is completely blind in his right eye. The medication which helps maintain the pressure in his eye is quite expensive. Due to the cost of the medication and my fixed income, I often go without essential items like food just to make sure he has what he needs!

Batman requires an operation to remove his right eye and to alleviate the constant pain that he is in. In addition to the costly medication to relieve the pressure in his right eye, he is also on expensive medication to prevent his left eye from going blind and causing him undue pain as well. Without the much needed and expensive surgery Batman will die in terrible pain and a horrible death! I am begging for help so that I do not need to watch this happen to my best friend.

Please! If you can donate even just a couple dollars to help save Batman’s life I would be eternally grateful. If you cannot spare a few dollars can you please share my story with your friends and family within your social circles, perhaps someone you know is willing to help or share further.

Thank you and God bless, pray for Batman,

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