Marlborough Bakery Help GoFundME Campaign

Hello, my name is Sarah, I am Active duty Military, 20 years and well unable to be with my Mother at home. The letter below was a letter on a Go Fund Me page to local residence of my Home town for help in moving my Mothers Bakery of 25 years.

I cannot be there and I’ve done what I can to secure a new location but the funds to move is a lot and time is of the essence.

We have a request for SBA loan but still waiting.

I want to get things started ASAP to get the Bakery construction done so she does not lose the Holiday business.

arlborough Bakery Help GoFundME Campaign

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My Mother is all heart and gives and gives even when she has nothing. She has all her life and she is well respected and loved in our town. The Town supports her and will follow her. Her Bakery is A Family place, meeting place and an institution in town. She has devoted so much over the last 25 years to her Bakery and all the people who come there and work there.

She has been through so many hard times that has put Bakery in a weakened state. Now that she just started coming back from it, this happens. The story is below but any help would be greatly appreciated and as it says below. I will do what I can to repay everyone once Bakery up and running.

I am sure, as all of our Friends and Family (loyal customers from all over) have read, the Bakery is in a bit of a bind. We are being displaced to make room for a super Market, with very little notice. The town does need a super market and we always wanted one too. Of course, this one is a little bigger than we thought, to say the least, but I guess this is what cards we have been given. We kinda thought we were all going to benefit from it, meaning the super market would go in the same plaza as us, ha.

arlborough Bakery Help GoFundME Campaign

Please Support this Great Campaign today

We are not giving up though. So we are hoping the super market does not have to be the end of the Bakery, just a change in location. It does cost a lot of money to move and build out a new building, as I’m sure you all know. I had a hard time considering this option to try and raise funds for my Mom (Georgie) and her Bakery but you all convinced me.

We dont like to ask for anything from anyone for free, so it was hard to get to this point. But it touches my heart to know how much you all care about the Bakery and thus my Mother. I know she is too. I had to beg her to do this so we could possibly start the build out soon while waiting to see if the SBA loan comes through.

She is heart broken at the thought of losing the Bakery.She truly loves each and ever customer that has come into the Bakery, once or, for some, every day :). Most of you see the pictures of the, once babies sitting on the counter, now off in college or have their own kids who come in.

So, to keep you all posted. We have leveraged what we have to come up with the money to buy a location to move the Bakery (very close, across street) but we are trying to get a business loan to build it out to support the Bakery.

As I’m sure you know it takes time and well time is not really what we have if we want to be back in business before the Holidays. To finish we really need to start the process now.

I know the number is large but anything would help, because it would lower the loan amount and maybe get approved faster. I don’t know if this will work but my mom, the Bakery, town, and all of you are worth it to me to try. I promise you we will have a grand opening if this works 🙂 I’ll talk to the Navy and fly there, where ever I am. (yes still bound to the Navy, but luckily not to far away for the time being)

We will hopefully be able to track donations by name with this program, never done it before so I dont know how it works, but if we can track, we will do everything we can to pay each and every one of you back.

Thank you, from all of us.

Please Support this Great Campaign today