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Here’s the problem: There is no safe place or suitable environment for people to unleash their anger and hostility in a safe & suitable manner.

Welcome to the solution! The Anger Outlet is planned for the Bangor Mall which provides easy access for everyone. We will renovate a storefront to provide a one of a kind opportunity to vent their anger in our custom built “Aggression Lounges”.

The first will be a sound-proof room called our Anti-Quiet Room. Clients will be allowed to scream their lungs out, curse, swear, we don’t care! Ear plugs provided!

The second will be our main attraction… The Rage Cage! This room will be also sound-proofed but also lined with safe material to catch small fragments of broken materials. One end has a brick wall for clients to throw objects at. The center on the room features our “Sacrificial Alter” for smashing items with weapons from our “Wall Of Destruction”.

That’s right! Clients can choose from a wide variety of tools and objects to destroy items with! Varied & assorted hammers, baseball bats, crow bars, ice breakers, mallets, good old fashioned beat-down sticks!

What KIND of items you ask? All sorts of neat things! Plates & Cups, Alarm Clocks, Pillows, Glass Figurines, Clay Pots, Snow Globes, Pocket Watches, Wedding Cakes, Wooden Crates, Vases & Flower Pots!

Basically whatever we find that looks like fun to destroy and doesn’t pose a signifigant threat to personal health or the environment. No batteries, potentially hazardous or explosive chemicals/vapors/dusts etc…

Clients will sign a Waiver Of Liability and be given proper Safety Gear for their needs, Ear Plugs, Helmets, Eye Protection, Gloves, Shin/Knee/Elbow Pads (If Nessessary!) Then proceed to their chosen Aggression Lounge for their session.

Clients may be charged based on Item(s) destroyed, total time elapsed or flat rate based on Membership Level. For the most part we expect to make a good profit on cheap things to break, so much so that we should not ever need to charge a membership.

Guest Members need not even sign up! Just purchase Items and proceed to your chosen Lounge! everyone is a Guest Member until they decide to upgrade. At no time will they be forced to upgrade to obtain access.

A Premium Member would get several free items per month to entice repeat visits & a discount on additional Items for a small monthly fee.

I bet I could get this up & running for $10k. I’m also sure it would attract plenty of traditional as well as social media attention.

Anyone who donates $10+ will get their Premium Membership FREE for life!

Help me build a valuable local resource and fun safe environment for people to just let off a little steam without ending up in jail!

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