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“The young teen, will never get to live a full life, never get to know the love of family of his own, never get to know the love a soul mate, never get to know life last young adulthood, never get to live a normal life from this time present….

In 2001, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, my son Amanuel. As a mother my world was filled with Joy and happiness. I love my son more than anything.

In 2005 when my son was 4 years old I noticed that he struggle to stand and climbing the stairs. I was so confused. A very healthy Child became limited to ride a bicycle, to stand and run. I took him to Dr’s office. After 3 years, in 2008 my son was diagnosed with DMD ( Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. ).

DMD is a severe type of muscular dystrophy. The symptoms of muscle weakness usually begin at the age of 4 and worsen quickly. Typically muscle loss occurs first in upper legs and pelvic followed by the upper arms. This can result in trouble standing up most are unable to walk at the age of 12. DMD has no cure. Life end expected with DMD is at early 20TH or end of 20th.

It was the most difficult time in my life. I tried to pull my self together and devoted my time and effort to help my son. I studied a 2 years nursing course so that I can better care for my son’s needs and necessities. For the past three years Amanuel has been on a wheelchair.

A new MRI result came in on MAY 04/2017 showing more complications on Amanuel’s heart. Both Amanuel and I was informed by the neuromuscular clinic and cardiac specialist department of Alberta Childers hospital that Amanuel’s life will end sooner than expected.

We found the news very devastating and the whole family is in a deep sorrow. Nonetheless I know that I have to be strong and do everything I can to make his remaining life as easy as possible

I contacted two agencies to modify the house last year but both agencies rejected my application, saying it was expensive. The present family home configuration is too small to accommodate a descent handicap installation for his bedroom, bathroom and just to move around in the house in proper way. And to this day Amanuel is forced to crawl up and down the stairs every time.

I tried everything to be qualified for any funding but due to my income it does not suffice to meet the basic needs of a wheelchair installation or related needs.

I am a single parent that work night shift so that I can be home when Amanuel comes from and goes to school to assist with handicap bus. With a single mom income, I am unbaled to:-
• Renovate the house to accommodate Amanuel’s condition.(ramp and elevator installments )
• Purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
• Supply more than six types of medications (some uncovered by insurance).
• Facilitate an extra help and make Amanuel’s travel wish come true before his time ends.

The project will bring so much relief to my son and also to all my family. We are transferring life and build bright future and a quality of life for 16 years old teenager who doesn’t have much time left in this world. BUT WITHOUT YOU, IT’S JUST IMPOSSIBLE.

Any help will make a difference.
Please spread the word.


Abinet and little sister Hermela