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In January 2006 I was told that I was going to develop stage six kidney failure and eventually have to go on dialysis.

I was told that I would have a chance to get a kidney transplant if I wish.

I have attempted three times to get on a list.

They are selling dead citizens parts and if you don’t have they money you can’t play.

I know that if I can raise the money I can return to the standard of life that every American is suppose to be able to have.

Right now I am tortured three days a week for five hours each treatment.

The staff tends to you between the over whelming work and fraternizing.

It is the last thing that I want to do, getting up and going into the pain, dizziness, and sickness of the treatments.

I need help because without the money in place I can’t apply.

If I do get the transplant I will have hire help because I will have no back up from anyone.

Please help!

Please Support