Crazy League Project

The Crazy League project is a vision to give exposure to the youth and help young adults gain experience in a career path in sports. Kids ages 12 to 17 will have a chance to play for one of the 16 teams in the league in the following sports:

7 on 7football
Track & Field
They will also gain exposure for recorded games being placed on YouTube weather it be live or pre recorded.

Young adults may also gain experience in Crazy League from the following:

Sports Broadcasting
Sports Analysis
Sports Commentating
Sports Medicine
Field maintenance

Our goal is to bring our youth the chance to play at the next level and give our young adults stepping stone for their newly found career. The funding needed is to build the first couple campuses to home our league. 
Dreams are achieved by the one who are given the opportunity; Let’s give our youth the opportunity together at Crazy League.

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