Dear friends,
I have created this campaign for Sam who’s a friend of mine. He had surgery to his nose (rhinoplasty) which was done by Dr Henry Goldin at the Nuffield Hospital, Birmingham in June 1998. This surgeon completely ‘ruined’ his nose as the surgeon took out too much nose cartilage and now he is left with an abnormal looking ‘pinched’ up nose with no symmetry to it and an unevenly sloped nasal ridge as well as a very small sized nose compared to how it was before the operation.

He has since suffered with the misery of living with this abnormal looking nose for 25 years. He has no money and cannot work because he is disabled and so cannot get his nose reconstructed. Reconstruction will cost thousands of pounds. He tried to make a claim for compensation against the surgeon but was told he had left it too late to make the claim.
He has felt extremely depressed about this for many years now. He says he does not even want to look at his face in the mirror anymore or even go out or socialise with anyone. He feels embarrassed with they way his nose looks and has to keep explaining why it looks like this to the people he meets. He says it feels almost like having had an acid attack on his face and not wanting to show his face to anyone.

Please see the before and after pics of his nose below.

He cannot work due to being disabled and mentally and cannot therefore afford reconstructive surgery. He therefore requires donations to help reconstruct his nose by having an 8 to 10 hour long revision rhinoplasty operation during which rib cartilage will be taken from his ribs and then diced up and then sewn into his nose.

Please help him by donating and sharing this campaign to your friends an family. All donations big or small will be appreciated from the bottom of his heart. You may not realise what having this operation will mean to him. So please donate and share his campaign with everyone you know. Very many thanks for your kind help in advance!

I shall keep you informed about his situation with regards to which hospital he will be having treatment at and his progress etc. once I have enough funds for him to proceed with the operation.

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