Raising funds to release some fun, upbeat music.

I am raising funds so I can launch my music career with a running start.

There is a lot that goes into making new music from the start of a melody, to a full professional release on Spotify, for example.

This process takes lots of time, and money, as well as connections. Especially if you are just starting off on your own budget without the help of a team of interested backers.

I hold myself and my music to a high professional standard and do not want to release any music if it does not meet that standard. Putting out a demo, producing myself without the help of a pro who’s career is in music production, and recording on sub quality gear is not my idea of releasing high quality music.
To give a glimpse of what this entails, my first single release began by writing a song, with strong lyric and melody, the instruments (drums, bass, guitar, synths) recording it, sending it to a producer I could trust, recording better pro quality vocals, filming and directing an accompanying music video, and marketing the release so it can reach its maximum potential. So the last thing you want is a quiet release.
One song has dedicated many hours, full days and even weeks, of time from me and everyone involved in its process.
I have yet to complete the vocals, final mix and master, and start on marketing. However, the song is almost ready and the video is in the editing phase. Both the song and video are set to release on all major streaming platforms in late October, 2020.

I then plan on releasing songs bimonthly so each has room to “breathe”.

A little about me: I’m Lynn, I write songs, and have a small library of about 30 so far. I’m looking forward to my artist debut in the 4th quarter of this year. Having been both trained and self taught, I’ve been playing music since I was a teenager. I first started on bass, learned to sing, and picked up a little guitar and synth along the way. My background is in rock. I’ve played in metal bands, and now I write unique spins on upbeat, original, angsty pop songs. Outside of music, I work full time, enjoy snowboarding, longboarding, video games, reading and Muay Thai.

Each song will cost about $1,000 give or take to bring from demo to studio quality.
(yes, it is a lot, but trust me, its completely worth it.)
Each song will have an animation or lyric video, which costs an additional $50~$150.

Marketing will be no less than $500 monthly, though results are likely to multiply with an even higher budget.

In a nutshell, I’ll alternate 1 month: song release, video, and marketing…
And 1 month will be marketing only…

This goal will let me release 3-4 songs, with lyric videos or animations, and cover marketing expenses for the duration of 6-8 months.

I will also be contributing from my own earnings and savings outside of this fundraiser too.

If my story caught your attention, I hope that you will consider contributing to my venture. Any support is greatly appreciated. This has been a lifelong dream that I would love to see take flight. Thank you.

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