Help relocate the Britton family

Ruth Caughron·Just now
Another day. Time is running out. The elderly gentleman who we have taken care of wants us to move out of his garage. I have until the 1st of November to come up with 2500.00. and out of that 2500.00 there has been no donation’s to go towards our home to relocate. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I know that I don’t want my family and I on the streets and I know that what ever donation’s that is contribute WILL BE going to our home that waits for us. If you can not make a donation please donate your time and repost please help me and my family out from facing another hardship this year. The husband and I are on disability and it’s hard to come up with 2500.00 in a short time when your on a fixed income like us. Thank you. Please help us relocate . this my last resource. I pray that God will provide through the GoFundMe.

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