BrandonWard kidney fund

Update: Brandon now has a Donor. Cortney Coker
has stepped up and has been approved. I just got dates on the upcoming adventure. The surgery will be on October 6th. Their pre op is on September 22. Please keep both Cortney and Brandon in your prayers throughout the procedure. I now have the task of finding a suitable place to stay for a month or two close to the hospital in Nashville. Your donations are very much appreciated and will soon go into use


Who I’m raising money for?
I don’t ask for donations. But, with what our family is looking at in the very near future, hopefully still this summer as COVID19 has delayed Brandon’s transplant, if there is a little something you can give it would go a long ways towards the procedures coming soon. The long term stays out of town, trips and meds. I’m not sure if everyone is aware, as I usually don’t talk much about these things, Brandon has been in stage 5 renal failure almost a year now. He has been on daily peritoneal Dialysis this whole time to stay alive. This is due to nothing he has done to cause this. It turns out his kidneys never developed properly as he aged. The kidneys are half the size of normal adults and have just quit on him. So,,, this is what we are looking at this summer. Brandon will have to stay in Tennessee for almost a month.
If your not able to, I get it and don’t stress it. But if you can I would be most great full.
Why I’m raising money?
Brandon is getting a kidney transplant this summer in Tennessee.
How donations will be used?
This money will be used for the following. Brandon will need temporary housing during the healing process near the hospital in Tennessee. We are going to rent an apartment close by the hospital because of daily and the weekly visits that will have to be made for a month or so. And for any unforeseen things that may go along with this procedure.
Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you, and God Bless you all. See Less
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