Fire Saviours

In the game, you’ll play as a firefighter, helping to protect the community, save property and save lives from monstrous and unpredictable fire. You’ll be challenged by managing your own energy, dehydration, extreme temperature, and thick smoke: but you’re fighting to protect others in need. This game is designed for release on all platforms and is a fresh take on how a game can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. It’s about saving people – not killing them.

The development has begun, with early gameplay under construction. I have prioritized the development of this game and have paused other projects, so this can start having an impact as soon as possible. The plan is to contribute a portion of the revenue generated by game sales to Australian firefighting organizations including the CFA and RFS. I want to help in a way that I can, and this is more rewarding than my day job developing financial software. The goal here isn’t to use Indiegogo as a fundraising platform, but to reach out to passionate gamers globally and create ongoing revenue to support our firefighters too.

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