Help Me Get a Laptop for College!

My name is Marcia and I’m having a bit of trouble being able to afford a new laptop.. my current laptop is a Samsung laptop that I’ve had since the 6th grade (I’m currently a High School Senior). My current laptop still works but you can clearly tell that it’s on its last life unfortunately. I’ve treated it very well considering how long I’ve had it for. If you’re wondering what I’d be using the laptop for while I’m in college, it’s this program called Digital Video & Cinema Production. To narrow it down fully I’d be learning on how to do video editing! This does on the other hand require a laptop that can process a lot of files at the same time while handling big programs. $1+ would help so much even the smallest contribution would mean so much for me to be able to afford this laptop. Thank you for taking the time to consider or view this request, have a blessed day!

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