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1st Compound to STOP separating orphans from moms

Project Description:

First orphanage worldwide that sponsors orphans with their widowed mothers. Unlike popular belief, most orphans DO have mothers. But mothers are forced to give their children up to be raised at an orphanage. This will hopefully be the first of a long chain of such orphanages. Help us keep them with their mothers. What’s are a few dollars in the face of being forced to separate from your mother?

Our compound includes:
apartments for widows and their children
a school
a technical school
a medical infirmary
a supermarket
a catering kitchen
so that the widows can work and save up for an investment later on.

This project will give so many orphans and widows a new chance at life. The orphan will be sponsored without having to lose his mother after the loss of his father. He will get a good education as his mother will work and save up for a better life. Also, he will be raised in a healthy and safe environment with his mother’s guidance.

AlGhina Association
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